Entertainer Spotlight: DJ Nimo The Hooligan

In this months edition of “Entertainer Spotlight” we would like to highlight DJ Nimo The Hooligan.  Nick began DJing in high school entertaining friends at birthday parties and eventually DJing events for his high school dances. Using the turntable as an actual instrument, the art of “scratching” became his next focus. He started to DJ in bands and various hip hop groups throughout Minneapolis, playing his first live show at a downtown venue at the age of 16.

You can currently find Nimo as a resident DJ at Coup d’Etat, Station 280 and The Pint along with being a featured DJ in other various nightclubs in downtown Minneapolis.  You can also find Nick DJing events such as weddings, corporate parties and gatherings to opening for national touring acts of all genres.

A little about Nimo:  

1.  How did you get your start in the music/DJ’ing scene?

Nimo:  I got my start in junior high producing basic beats on my families computer. I bought my first set of turntables at 14 years old. I practiced on the floor because I didn’t even have a table to set my equipment on. But I would practice for hours sitting on the floor, and, back before YouTube, I would search the internet for videos of the great turntablists of the time to try and learn how they did what they did. Then I joined up with my first hip hop group “The Homeless Hooligans”, where I eventually adopted the name “Nimo The Hooligan”. Since then I’ve gone on to perform and record with rappers, bands, DJs and producers, worked private events, weddings, bars and clubs!

2.  What was your first concert you attended? 

Nimo:  The first concert I can remember attending was a jazz trio at the now closed Chang Oharas. My grandparents raised me on jazz and they took me to the show.

3.  First tape/CD purchased?

Nimo:  That’s a difficult question, but I was a HUGE Michael Jackson fan. I remember having his tapes, the first of which I really remember was “Dangerous” with the hit “Black or White”.

4.  If you could have Dinner with 3 other people (dead or alive) who would they be and why?

Nimo:  Carl Sagan, Nikola Tesla and Bill Murray. Sadly I don’t think any of them would really get along that well but I’d love to pick the brains of Tesla and Sagan about their inventions, theories and discoveries while Bill Murray makes inappropriate jokes.

5.  Who is an artist that you have never seen perform LIVE that you wish you had?

Nimo:  I would give both of my legs to see Bob Marley live. No questions asked.

6.  Tell us something about you that a lot of people don’t know?

Nimo:  I won a bunch of trophies at the Hawaii 1986 baby pageant. I’m the 1986 dimpled darling of Honolulu.

7.  If you were given an opportunity to Open for an artist who would it be and why?

Nimo:  If I could open for anyone it would be Nas. He’s in my top 5 favorite rappers of all time and that would be an honor of a lifetime.

8.  What’s your guilty pleasure?

Nimo:  Wild Cherry Pepsi.

9.  Favorite late night snack?

Nimo:  Trail mix. The kind with M&Ms.

10.  Pet Peeve?

Nimo:  People chewing with their mouths open

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