High End vs. Budget DJs

This video on You Tube discusses the difference between High End vs. Budget DJs and sparked discussion across the web on whether or not you should spend more for your wedding entertainment.  Your DJ plays a large factor in the success of your wedding and we encourage you to consider this as high priority.  Not only do they provide entertainment for the reception, but many times your DJ also plays a part in the entire wedding with announcements, ceremony music, etc…

Successful DJs do cost more, but this is because they take pride in their work and put many hours of planning in before the actual wedding day.  Here at GenerationNOW we meet with each client to get a detailed list of songs, important announcements and names prior to the wedding.  We come early and prepared to each gig so that you don’t have to worry.

Most people when looking back at a wedding remember the atmosphere of the wedding reception.  Not the appetizers or centerpieces.  Not that these aren’t also important, but with years of experience we know that your DJ can set the entire mood for the evening from the beginning to the end.   So how much should you allocate towards your entertainment?  Many articles suggest 8-10% of your budget.  We offer multiple packages to fit each individual couple’s budget and needs.

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