Memorial Day 2015 – Star Spangled Banner

Memorial Day 2015

We at GenNOW hope that you took time this Memorial Day weekend to remember all of our fallen heroes that made the ultimate sacrifice for us and our country. Without the bravery and sacrifice of these men and women we would not be afforded the freedom to do many things. GenerationNOW would simply not exists if people weren’t able to listen to the music they wanted to, dance with no remorse, get married to whomever they wish, or work in a job that fulfills them (but not quite enough to stop them from going out with their friends on the weekends).

With that being said we would like to thank all of the veterans and active duty service men and women. YOU are the ones that allow us the lives we all live. And to those fallen soldiers of our past, we will never forget you and we will always honor your memory. Now, please enjoy this stirring (and very original) rendition of OUR Star Spangled Banner.

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