The Minnesota State Fair… WOW.

This past Saturday night marked the most monumental show in the history of GenerationNOW Entertainment. If you were there, then you know what we mean when we use the term EPIC to describe what went down between 8pm and 11pm at The Minnesota State Fair. It was a dream come true. Fairgoers were given the best of the best… DJ Mad Mardigan, DJ Dudley D and The Quammunist himself, Mr. Ben Quam.

We designed the stage so that the DJ booth was between two 12′ projection screens (which displayed both the music videos and a GenNOW 3D Animated Logo). The sound (by ALLIED AUDIO) absolutely smashed the crowd with the power of 14 massive subwoofers. And the light show (by EMI) was insane. Big thanks to EVERYONE that helped with the planning and execution of this unprecedented event. Most especially: Tim Miller, our VP of Marketing and Events, for whom this event would have never existed.

LOTS of pictures to go through still, however, you can find plenty of video footage on our YouTube channel. Here is one of our favorites… Enjoy.

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