They command our dance floors. They drive our feet. They determine a majority of the atmosphere of our night. They hold the power of packed houses. But what are these experts of vibe listening to? Here’s what our crew had to say:

"Baby Be Mine"
Michael Jackson — Thriller

‘Baby Be Mine’ in my opinion is one of MJ’s most underrated songs. The drums from the start and the bass line groove just makes you want to believe in love, dance, and hold your significant other tight. Turn. It. Up!
— Dustin Meyer (DJ Dudley D)

"Bombshell Blonde"
Owl City — The Midsummer Station

Not a lot of people know about this song, but I’ve used it in a ton of my own personal shows and it always seems to get the crowd going. This song is a perfect nightclub song, but also just a great overall dance song. So much fun to play. The instrumental in it sounds like a collaboration between Owl City and one of my DJ idols, Skrillex. With its catchy dubstep-style riffs and amazing dance lyrics. It’s one of my favorite dancefloor weapons and always goes off at almost every show. Plus, the fact that it’s done by a local Minnesotan is pretty cool too.
— Tyler Thoresen (DJ Crozzworkz)

"Golden" feat. Hodgy
Nanna.B — Golden EP

One of my absolute favorites at the moment. The 91 BPM neck-snapper of a beat produced by Anderson .Paak is the backbone of the track. Hodgy’s flow reminds me of some early Andre 3000. Nanna.B brings just the perfect amount of soul. The dichotomy of their two styles makes this one 100% unique. Peak of the party tune? Naw. This one’s to set the vibe for the real heads.
— Anthony Kasper (Kasper)

"What You Won't Do for Love"
Bobby Caldwell — Bobby Caldwell Sings Smooth Jazz Classic

This song has a ton of meaning for me. It is a song that my wife and I listen to when we are just hanging out at home on my record player. It also happens to be the song that was our first dance at our wedding last November. And finally, this is a song that I have incorporated into numerous DJ sets of mine. From the Target Center for a vibe-building walk-in track to a cocktail hour at a wedding to my infamous sets on the rooftop of Seven. This track just works.
— Nicholas Dircz (DJ Mad Mardigan)

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