Venue Spotlight: The Gardens of Castle Rock

The Gardens of Castle Rock provides a beautiful setting for outdoor wedding ceremonies, receptions, and special events. 

Located in the lower south metro, The Gardens is a short distance from the Twin Cities.  

Wedding in The Woods: Naomi & Andreas at The Gardens of Castle Rock ~ Blessed Wedding in the Woods-42
Amy & Ben at The Gardens - 164.JPG

The Gardens welcomes all!  Couples that are looking to express who they are and share with family and friends in an environment that is grounded in beauty, nature and design. Where personal expressions are manifested in the ability to create an event that is truly unique. An event that is an extension of your values and beliefs found in your relationship.

Ellie & Jeremian at The Gardens of Castle Rock ~ Spring Garden Wedding-49.jpg
Naomi & Andreas at The Gardens of Castle Rock ~ Blessed Wedding in the Woods-42.jpg

Come join us! Embrace passion and celebrate love at The Gardens. To get started on your wedding, email The Gardens at or call 651-264-9510.

Ellie & Jeremian at The Gardens of Castle Rock ~ Spring Garden Wedding-22.jpg


They command our dance floors. They drive our feet. They determine a majority of the atmosphere of our night. They hold the power of packed houses. But what are these experts of vibe listening to? Here’s what our crew had to say:

"Baby Be Mine"
Michael Jackson — Thriller

‘Baby Be Mine’ in my opinion is one of MJ’s most underrated songs. The drums from the start and the bass line groove just makes you want to believe in love, dance, and hold your significant other tight. Turn. It. Up!
— Dustin Meyer (DJ Dudley D)

"Bombshell Blonde"
Owl City — The Midsummer Station

Not a lot of people know about this song, but I’ve used it in a ton of my own personal shows and it always seems to get the crowd going. This song is a perfect nightclub song, but also just a great overall dance song. So much fun to play. The instrumental in it sounds like a collaboration between Owl City and one of my DJ idols, Skrillex. With its catchy dubstep-style riffs and amazing dance lyrics. It’s one of my favorite dancefloor weapons and always goes off at almost every show. Plus, the fact that it’s done by a local Minnesotan is pretty cool too.
— Tyler Thoresen (DJ Crozzworkz)

"Golden" feat. Hodgy
Nanna.B — Golden EP

One of my absolute favorites at the moment. The 91 BPM neck-snapper of a beat produced by Anderson .Paak is the backbone of the track. Hodgy’s flow reminds me of some early Andre 3000. Nanna.B brings just the perfect amount of soul. The dichotomy of their two styles makes this one 100% unique. Peak of the party tune? Naw. This one’s to set the vibe for the real heads.
— Anthony Kasper (Kasper)

"What You Won't Do for Love"
Bobby Caldwell — Bobby Caldwell Sings Smooth Jazz Classic

This song has a ton of meaning for me. It is a song that my wife and I listen to when we are just hanging out at home on my record player. It also happens to be the song that was our first dance at our wedding last November. And finally, this is a song that I have incorporated into numerous DJ sets of mine. From the Target Center for a vibe-building walk-in track to a cocktail hour at a wedding to my infamous sets on the rooftop of Seven. This track just works.
— Nicholas Dircz (DJ Mad Mardigan)

Venue Spotlight: Watson Block

One of our preferred venues to perform at is Watson Block. They have a great ambiance for any type of venture and are sure to stun the guests at your next event.

watson block.jpg

Watson Block was built in 1902 and has a rich presence within the Minneapolis’ Warehouse District. The structure has hosted many types of businesses over the years, with professions such as real estate, pharmaceutical, campaign headquarters, and a women’s union back in the 1940s previously calling this building their home. There is definitely a unique story to be told at this venue.

Screenshot 2018-08-24 09.57.56.png

The current set up makes for a luxurious and intimate venue setting with the brick walls and decor to follow. There is a lounge area to one side and a more open space on the opposite. This inviting atmosphere facilitates a magical feeling that blends the intimacy of a small get-together with the awe of a larger event all while fitting up to 150 people at a time. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event or social event this space is eye catching.

lounge. watson.jpg
lounge 2 watson.jpg
bar waton.jpg

We are excited to partner with Watson Block. To view their website click here!
To inquire on availability and rates email Sarah at or call at 612-300-9525. Tell her GenNOW sent ya.

Schwan's USA CUP

We can’t believe all the fun we had at the Schwan’s USA Cup a couple weekends back! Teams from around the world come together at the Schwan’s USA Cup International Youth Soccer Tournament each year. It’s one of the biggest soccer tournaments in the world and we were lucky to be able to perform at it.

Screenshot 2018-08-06 16.38.48.png
Screenshot 2018-08-06 17.56.16.png

In total there were 150,00 people at Opening Ceremony. There were 1150 teams from 20 different countries and 20 states. This was the most diverse year yet. Some of the new countries to the tournament this year were Belgium, Trinidad, and Tobago.This was our fourth year providing the entertainment for the athletes and fans. Definitely the best year yet and if we do say ourselves!

Screenshot 2018-08-06 16.39.44.png

Our GenerationNOW lineup consisted of Anthony Kasper (Kasper) and Tyler Thoresen (DJ Crozzworkz) on the turntables. Our MC was Munya Tirivepi (Tonez). The fantastic breakdancers were Fanaka, Daniel & Lindsay. Eklipse Productions provided the LED Video wall and a big shout out to Flow Events for the amazing recap video.

Screenshot 2018-08-06 16.38.19.png
Screenshot 2018-08-06 16.39.26.png

We believe music is truly a uniting force and loved spreading the tunes to so many people from so many different backgrounds! The relationships we’ve made with the hosts, athletes, and fans have been so heartwarming. Check out the video below for a recap of all the fun we had.

2018 WNBA All-star Game

The 2018 WNBA All-Star Game takes place this Saturday in Minneapolis. This will be the first time that this event has ever been hosted in Minnesota. Watch out Target Center, these athletes are coming! This monumental event has changed it’s format and will now showcase 22 athletes chosen by fans, other WNBA players and coaches, as well as the media. Voting ended on July 12th and the teams feature the very best names in women's basketball.


The Minnesota Lynx have won three championships and five finals series over the last six seasons. Hometown heroes Maya Moore, Seimone Augustus, Rebekkah Brunson and Sylvia Fowles will represent the Lynx at the WNBA All-Star Game.


We are so amped to also announce that GenerationNOW’s very own DJ Mad Mardigan (Official DJ for the MN Lynx) and DJ Dudley D (Music Director) will be there to get and keep the audience going all game long.

Katie Andres & Jason Hudoba will also have a hand in the event and be in the arena as live hosts. 

Screenshot 2018-07-26 21.39.00.png
Screenshot 2018-07-26 21.39.25.png

For more information about what to expect check this out:

To get your tickets visit: 

Our Super, Superhero Day!

Worldwide, Love Your Melon Crews were able to visit over 200 hospitals, host 150 adventures and events with various nonprofit partners, deliver 10,650 beanies, and connect with a record amount of children on Superhero Day.

Last Thursday was Superhero Day at the University of Minnesota, Masonic Children’s Hospital. Love Your Melon puts on this event as a way to commemorate the tremendous courage that young kids battling cancer and other diseases go through. The goal of this event is to make every child in the hospital feel like a superhero. These children are so strong and go through some very tough treatments. Like the superheroes and characters they idolize, they face these every day battles with incredible bravery.

LYM Crew

Children watched a live performance and joined in on a meet and greet with their favorite Marvel superheroes like as Spiderman and Black Panther. Families at the hospital did some arts and crafts, picked out beanies, and even practiced their own superhero skills.

GenerationNow was more than happy to provide the music for the local event. We had so much fun keeping spirits up for the families, children, LYM crew members, and hospital staff involved.

Kasper & LYM (1).JPG

Here is Kasper from the GenNOW team with Emma. Emma is battling neuroblastoma with so much strength, and she was full of smiles as she enjoyed the superhero party. In this picture, she very is very politely requesting Bruno Mars before scootin’ around some more.

After the event ended a Love Your Melon team member also said:

“Hands down recommend GenNOW for any event you are hosting! I have had both Nick (DJ Mad Mardigan) and Anthony DJ for smaller events at a local children's hospital. They were able to join in the celebration for a few hours while children were able to enjoy music, crafts, pizza and take their minds off treatment. They're flexible, reliable, have the perfect set-up and understand the audience they are playing for. Tim is also great to work with when setting up events! I would 10 out of 10 recommend any GenNOW DJ for any event large or small!”

It was a pure delight to be a part of this empowering event. Thanks so much to Love Your Melon for including us and we were so glad we could be a part of it!

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