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Top 5 Bachelorette Party Ideas in Minnesota

We couldn't forget the ladies!  Still planning what to do for your bachelorette party?  We have you covered with this list of top 5 bachelorette party ideas to do in Minnesota! 

1)  Glamping
A bachelorette party is the perfect excuse for a weekend getaway with girlfriends.  Rent a cabin in the woods or spend a night at a luxury campsite Up North.  This is a perfect idea for the bride that enjoys being out in nature.  

Glamping Hub.  Yes, this is a real site.

Riverside Island Campsites

2)  Take a Day Trip
Can't get away for the whole weekend?  No worries.  There are plenty of daytime activities that can take you out of the cities.  Spend a day touring Stillwater and enjoy antiquing, wineries and cuisine located just along the Hudson river.  Or, book a cruise and head out for a day on Lake Minnetonka.  

Stillwater Wine Trail

Al & Alma's Cruises

3)  Take a Class
This is a perfect opportunity to learn something new with your closest friends!  Interactive classes are also great icebreakers and can be a perfect way to kick off the big event!  

Bottle & Bottega

Sur La Table

4)  Attend a Music Festival  
Summer is the time to get outside.  Get everyone together and get ticks for a local music festival.  Minneapolis is known for an eclectic music scene and summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy.  

City Pages List of Music Festivals

5)  Health and Wellness Day
Not looking to get crazy?  Why not spend a day around health and relaxation.  Get the group together for a hike, dance class or workout activity and then spend the afternoon getting pampered while sipping champagne at one of the many spas located around the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  

Ivy Spa Club

The Grand Hotel

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