The Tools

Every DJ at GenerationNOW uses the exact same DJ setup. This is for good reason because we believe in using the best equipment on the market today for the sound, lights and video. Everything about our setup is both cutting-edge and indestructible. We use turntables, not iTunes!

(2) Technics 1200 Turntables
Rane Serato DJ Software System
Rane TTM-62 Professional DJ Mixer
Library of Over 10,000 Songs of All Genres
15” JBL EON Active Speakers

DMX Controlled LED Lighting System
LED Wall Wash & Accent Lights
Moving Head Patterned LED Lights
Optional Strobes, Fog, Colored Lasers

Library of over 5000 Music Videos of All Genres
Adjustable Size Rear-Projector Video Screen
50” Plasma High Definition TVs
Capable of Displaying Any Messages on Screen

Wireless Microphone(s)
Additional P.A. System Assistance
Professional Photo/Videographer Available
Back-Up DJ Set-Up
I-Pod Compatible

The Skills

Here at GenerationNOW, we pride ourselves in our technical prowess. Since every DJ has been in the professional field for 5 years or more, each has perfected their own style of DJing. However, there are a few constants that every GenerationNOW DJ has. This skill set is as follows:

Song Selecting:
This is the most important job of a DJ. We all have been to a wedding or nightclub where the DJ just can’t seem to figure out what to play for the crowd in front of him/her. The only way to learn this most valuable skill is through experience. This is unfortunate for some other DJ Companies in our area, because they are not employing veteran DJs. Our DJs have played in front of every single scenario imaginable, at every type of venue available. We understand the difference between a rave and a wedding reception; a bachelorette party and a bar mitzvah; and we play the music that the crowd dancing in front of us needs to hear.

Every GenerationNOW DJ knows how to seamlessly blend one song into the next, no matter the genre. This is of utmost importance to you because it will keep the dancefloor moving to a smooth, continuous mix of music. Mixing, when done correctly and on-beat, builds anticipation for the next track to drop in to sequence. If there is one skill that is not utilized by other wedding companies it is this one. That makes for an uneasy, un-danceable and eventually; empty dancefloor. The days of the iTunes DJ are in the past… The future is NOW.

One of our main competive advantages, and most definitely one of the hardest skills any DJ can hope to obtain. Scratching adds that little bit of extra flavor to a DJs mix. Because of this, every DJ at GenerationNOW is personally trained by DJ Mad Mardigan – considered to be one of the best scratch DJs in the Midwest. They all understand and execute funky, relevant scratching throughout their sets. We do not overdue it, but we like to keep the energy going throughout your event. Scratching is a great way to creatively and uniquely introduce the next song. Believe us, your guests will be both intrigued and impressed… Guaranteed.

Being on the microphone is a skill that separates a simple disk jockey from an entertainer. At GenerationNOW, we understand that there is a time and place to get on the microphone and pump up the crowd. Without being over-bearing or cheesy, we will do just that. Not too much, not too little. Techniques such as call & response bring the audience together in an especially energetic way. Most significantly, we will let your guests know who the most important people in the building are… YOU!

Put your worries away when it comes to equipment malfunctions, failures, and breakdowns. As you may know by now, we use the most cutting-edge DJ equipment, software and lights. All of the DJs at GenerationNOW have a passion for electronics. Yes, we are geeks. And we put our geekness to good use at every single event by having backups of every cord, hard drive, speaker, bulb, etc; while also possessing the knowledge to fix any problem ourselves if it arises.

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