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"Why GenerationNOW....as a wedding planner I search for the best possible vendors in our city for my clients.  I believe that Generation NOW is steps above most local djs that are used for weddings.  The level of service, expertise and experience is superior in my mind.  A wedding reception is a party celebrating two people and entertainment is one of the most important aspects of this event.  GenerationNOW spins their music, keeps the crowd going and doesn't stop until the party is over.  They take into consideration what kind of music you like, what your guests like and put together a playlist like no other.  You don't see much of this style in Minneapolis and so when people do hear them, they are blown away.  They make a good reception, great!  If your want all your guest dancing the entire night, GenerationNOW is the perfect fit for you!"

-Sally Berry, Event Planner
Sally berry & co.


"When we first used GenerationNOW two years ago to provide the entertainment for our Fraser Annual Benefit we were shocked at how much they changed the vibe of the dance portion of our event. We have NEVER had so many guests stay to dance – GenerationNOW DJs are pros at reading the crowd and really know how to maximize the energy of our group. The added excitement of having the visual component to their music and the ability to mix in our organization and event branding is a huge bonus. From the planning process to the evening of the event, GenerationNOW staff is professional, creative and FUN to work with! Looking forward to many more successful events with these guys!"

-Tanya Mikkelson, Special Events Associate
Fraser Organization


"The GenerationNOW team was exceptional in every regard.  We love music, and knew that our dance music would be among the single most important elements in ensuring that our wedding guests had a great time.  DJ Mad Mardigan and crew not only delivered a world-class soundtrack for our dance, but combined the lights, staging and overall professionalism that made everyone say WOW!  Very highly recommended for any event that needs high-energy entertainment."

-Matthew Hanson, Groom


"March 2014 was the first time St. David’s Center partnered with GenerationNOW Entertainment to provide music and entertainment for the After Party following our annual St. David’s Center gala . Their crew is a blast to work with; they are polite, professional, and experts when it comes to “reading” an audience in terms of what music to play. Our guests LOVED the mix of music provided, thought it hit the mark in terms of appeal to our broad age range of attendees, it wasn’t at all cheesy (yay), and DJ Mad Mardigan had just the right balance of music and talking!  GenerationNOW Entertainment understood the purpose of our Gala After Party, nailed a great performance, and definitely played a role in the overall success of our largest fundraising event of the year. We look forward to partnering with them for future events."

-Layne Trout, Special Events Manager
St. David's Center


“GenerationNOW provides great interactive entertainment by bringing a fun club-style feel to your event.  They take a typical dance to the next level, by engaging the guests with both music and video.  We have recommended them for both corporate and wedding groups with rave reviews!”

-Jennifer Anderson, Director of Sales and Marketing
Van Dusen Mansion & Event Center


"GenerationNOW isn’t your average DJ company. Their customer service is outstanding and their DJ’s are over the top talented. We choose to work with GenNow because of their passion, knowledge and ability to pack the dance floor. It’s not just a party but an experience; and one that is not to be missed. We love these guys and will continue to support this amazing company! #areyouready"

-Kari Warwick, Owner/Lead Planner
The Bliss Life


Choosing a DJ for our wedding was something my husband and I wanted to get "just right" and we did with Ryan Kulka. We wanted someone who knew their music and was able to sense the mood of the crowd; Ryan did just that! I think our favorite aspect of our DJ was his sincerity and great ability to listen to what we hoped for during each portion of the night. We actually considered not getting a DJ because of their tendency to take over and be cheesy, but Ryan focused on the music and our vision for the atmosphere. He also did the sound for the outdoor ceremony, which I feel like can be tricky since I've been to weddings where I haven't been able to hear, but even the people in the back heard every word. Thanks for the great all around experience! I highly recommend Ryan as a DJ!"

- Katie Collins, Bride


Do you want your guests to dance their socks off? That’s what I did when DJ Mad Mardigan DJ’d my daughter’s wedding. He played a wide variety of crowd-pleasers. It was amazing how he could keep three to four generations dancing all at the same time. He knew just the right time to start a new song to keep people on the floor. He gave us just long enough to catch our breath but not long enough to lose the all-important momentum. We were puppets on his aptly handled strings.






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